Qaribou Our software development + services company. We write well-made, modern products and help other people with their software too.
It's Solved! Here's a fun little webapp for solving all sorts of puzzles. Jumbles, crosswords, and cryptograms will crumble before your might with this little helper in your hands.
Tap Solitaire The classic game of Klondike, running as a modern html5/css3/jquery webapp. You'd swear this was a native iPhone/android app, but it's 100% web-based.
Gimp Tutorial I drew a cartoon for fun, and if you'd like to learn from a resource on-par with the back of a Denny's kid's menu, this is the page for you! It could help you get started learning the gimp, if that's what you're in to.
Josh's Gallery I drew a bunch of stuff to learn the gimp back in 2003/2004. I'm a lot better at it now, so I keep this page up to remember the past.
DingusDraw This was a fun project in my GUI class in school. It's extremely early 2000s, showcasing the public's strange obsession with pinstripes, Java swing, and raster-drawn images of pencils on a desk (is it so difficult to make an original photograph of such a thing?)